Book Reviews

Evangelicals Now:
A thoroughly enjoyable book ... the author has written with obvious passion for both his profession and his Lord ... A queue has now formed to borrow and read the book!

Science and Christian Belief:
This book, written by a specialist in forestry, was clearly a labour of love for its author, growing out of his compendious knowledge of trees and his evident personal faith. It is also pleasure to read being generously illustrated ... and it is full of fascinating details.

Scottish Forestry:
Professor Julian Evans' book is a great resource which I will return to time and again. First and foremost though, this book is a delight to read simply for the sheer pleasure and joy which oozes out like sap from every page. I highly recommend it.

Forestry and Timber News (Editor):
Julian, this is a beautiful book. I must congratulate you.

Commonwealth Forestry Association Newsletter:
The author is an eminent forester and also a committed Christian, attributes which come over clearly in the quality of the text and the careful research given to both aspects ... this is a fascinating and informative book. It comes in a small coffee-table format, and is very well illustrated throughout. I heartily recommend it if you want to make a link between forests and faith from a Christian perspective.

What people say about the presentations

" Thank you ... for giving us an opportunity to witness an inspiring
last Tuesday. We were thrilled with the content and with the
number of people who attended - some very unexpected guests. "

Newtown Evangelical Church, Wales

" Thank you so much for the lovely talk you gave our science group
on Monday, which everyone very much enjoyed.
It was an excellent way to start our year.
Splitting the content into the smaller cameos worked really well:
lots of fascinating information and your photos/slides were beautiful. "

Hampshire Science Group

" On behalf of our Kirk Session, I am writing to thank you very much
indeed for giving us such an excellent talk on Tuesday.
Everyone I spoke to enjoyed it enormously: they were fascinated by
the perspective that you were able to present
, and I think one of the
highlights for me was the image of the 2000 year old fishing boat. "

Newlands Church, Romano Bridge

" Many of the ladies have mentioned how much they enjoyed your
informative talk and appreciated how scriptural you were. "

Brechin Baptist Church

" ... your illustrated talk was very much appreciated.
It was ideally suited to the occasion and we found the material
on trees in the Bible fascinating. Thank you so much. "

Southwell Minster

" You are so enthusiastic. "

Pantiles Baptist Church, Tunbridge Wells