Julian weaves in a little of his own faith into each presentation but readily adapts to the audience both in content and length. The talks are not dry botany, but a presentation simply unlike any other.

At all presentations copies of God's Trees will be on sale at the 25% off discount price of £15.

God's Trees

45 minute presentation

The presentation takes seven very contrasting topics around the general theme of trees in the Bible:

  • Zaccheus and the sycomore-fig tree
  • The curious incident where Moses purified bitter water
  • Importing cedar of Lebanon for Solomon's great temple
  • The worship of foreign gods 'under every spreading tree'
  • What we learn from the recently discovered 1st century fishing boat in Galilee
  • The crown of thorns
  • The wood of the Cross

It lasts about 45 minutes and audience response, whether Christian or secular, has been very encouraging.

  • Sycomore-Fig
  • Cedar of Lebanon
  • Marah
  • Terebinths
  • Boat
  • Crown
  • Cross

God's Trees II

45 minute presentation

The presentation takes a further seven topics around the general theme of trees in the Bible:

  • The burning bush
  • Ark of the covenant
  • Palms from Jericho to Jerusalem
  • The mustard tree puzzle
  • Olive trees of old
  • Myrrh at Christ's birth and burial
  • Breakfast on the seashore
God's Trees II

Trees in the Christmas story

30 minute presentation

Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem, olive trees and shepherds, wooden feeding trough in the manger, two of the gifts of the magi – frankincense and myrrh – priceless tree resins much traded and much sought after, Jesus the carpenter's son.


Trees in the Easter story

30 minute presentation

Palms of Palm Sunday, ancient olive grove in the Garden of Gethsemane, the crown of thorns – the possible shrubs and an eastern fable, what we do and do not know about the wood of the Cross, myrrh and aloes, the open fire when Jesus cooked breakfast for his disciples by the sea of Galilee, myths around the Judas tree.

Garden of Gethsemane